Brothers to Play in NFL?


According to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, there have been 348 documented sets of brothers who have played professional football. Some of the more prominent brothers include Peyton and Eli Manning, Tiki and Ronde Barber (twins), Ty and Koy Detmer, Darren and Doug Flutie, and the Olsen brothers, Merlin, Phil, and Orrin.
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There's is Dominique Barber who plays Safety of the Texans and Marion Barber who plays Running back of the Cowboys. Also, Peyton Manning of the Colts and Eli Manning of the giants
The first game in NFL history was played on October 3, 1920. The game was played by the Columbus Panhandles and the Dayton Triangles. Dayton won the game with a score of 14-0.
Jordan & Carson Palmer, Peyton & Eli Manning are the two brother
Quarterback George Blanda was 48 years old when he was released by the Oakland Raiders in 1976. Blanda played 26 impressive seasons of professional football, and shares the record
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The two brothers who played for South Carolina and then went on to the NFL are Peyton Manning and Eli Manning. Both have become very successful and popular players ...
John Allred played for the Chicago Bears and is John Lynch's brother-in-law. Lynch once knocked Allred out in a helmet-to-helmet hit when Allred was a tight end ...
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