Brown Blood during Your Period?


Blood during the menstrual cycle can be red, pink, brown, and in some cases, even black. If you are bleeding blood that is brown in color, this is a completely normal occurrence that happens to almost every woman at some point. Brown blood during your period is often referred to as, 'old blood'. This is because it is usually blood that did not pass during the last menstrual cycle. If the brown discharge happens frequently outside of your menstrual cycle and if it is painful, you should see a doctor to make sure it is not something serious.
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I have always heard that brown is "old" blood. Like left over from last months period. ITs normal :
Dark blood (brown blood) is just "dead" blood. Its just your body
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Don't worry about it. It's just your normal period blood. It can come in different colors like dark red, brown, dark brown, light pinkish. And nah, no need to be concerned(
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While have brown blood during the menstrual cycle is unsightly, it is not abnormal. Blood looks brown during your period because it is just old blood that was ...
Having an irregular brown colored blood during the menstruation period can be common and are no cause for alarm. The reasoning behind this is usually that the ...
Normally, brown period blood will be seen near the end of your period. Brown blood is old blood. Many females experience brown period blood from time to time. ...
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