Brown Spots on Feet?


Spots on the feet can be caused by many different conditions. If the brown spots are on the top of the feet, it may be freckles. For some people, liver spots also show up on the feet which are completely harmless. These spots occur in people who are over forty years old. When the brown spots are on the bottom of the feet, it could be something more serious. Brown spots on the bottom of the feet could be a sign of internal bleeding, which should be taken care of immediately. Brown spots could also be a sign of a foot infection. Plantar warts also develop on the bottom of the feet. These are caused by the human papillomavirus virus.
Q&A Related to "Brown Spots on Feet?"
Possibly plantars warts. You would need to see a doctor to be sure.
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A brown spot on foot can be either dark or light in color. Such
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