Brown Spots on Lilac Leaves?


Brown spots on the leaves of your lilacs are caused by a fungal disease called anthracnose which develops in the soil and attacks the leaves of the lilac. This leads to early falling of leaves, wilting and death in case it is severe. You can prevent it by picking up leaves or branches from the garden that can act as a host to the fungus and allow it continue growing.
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1. Cut off infected branches and leaves with sharp pruning shears. Dip the shears in rubbing alcohol before making each cut to prevent spreading the fungus. Throw away or burn the
Excessive moisture and rainy or humid weather can lead to this problem known as leaf spot. Always remove old dead leaves, and cut off and destroy any leaf or part of a leaf that is
anthracnose could be a cause of brown spots on oak tree leaves. It is a
Have you had an unusually wet or dry summer? Either could be causing the browning leaves.
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