How to Remove Brown Algae Stains from a Vinyl Pool Liner?


The best way to clean brown algae stains from a vinyl pool liner is to use a soft nylon brush to scrub it off. If this does not remove the stains, you will to add dry sodium bisulphate to your pool to shock the pool and reduce the pH level. You can use the pool vacuum to remove the algae debris that occur while cleaning the pool.
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1. Scrub the algae with a soft nylon brush. In most cases this is all that is needed with vinyl pool liners. If the stain is old or excessive then the pool may have to be shocked
Try algecide gel and a soft sponge. You might also try Vitamin C tablets in a sock.
Hi Kree, it sounds like it may be brown alge. Buy a good black algecide it'll cost more than 20.00 but it's worth it if it works. Alge has different strains each stronger than the
Treat it with a chlorine solution. This can be done with bleach. Do the ChaCha!
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To remove stain from your vinyl pool liner, you may use vinyl pool cleaning solution. You will also need a nylon brush. You should apply the solution directly ...
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