Bruise around a Bug Bite?


A bruise that is found around a bug bite can mean a number of different things. In most cases, it could simply mean that an individual has sensitive skin and bruises easily. In this case, the bruise will go away as the bite heals. In other cases, this could be the indication of a bite that was caused by a recluse spider, which will need to be further examined by an individual personal physician. In any case, if the bite lasts longer than 2 weeks and has some swelling, individuals are advised to contact their personal physician. This is also true if the bite is accompanied with some pain and irritation.
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Bug bites have bruises around them because when the insect attaches itself to you is is basically sucking your blood. Because they get the blood from you veins, your blood cells are
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It could be pretty much any bug. Bruises are caused by bleeding under the skin, which can happen with any type of bite. Typically ant bites do not bruise; mosquito bites sometimes
Typically, most spider bites wind up looking like a
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