Bruise Not Healing?


Most bruises heal within a few weeks. However, the healing process can take longer in cases where there is Hematoma which prevents blood from draining. Also, a person who is on blood thinners often takes longer to heal bruises than a person who is not.
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The best way to allow a bruise to heal is to assist the blood to flow easier in the area that has been bruised. Ice or cold compresses can help to reduce the swelling or inflamation
1. See a doctor. Before attempting to heal your bruised ribs on your own, go to the doctor to determine whether or not your ribs really are bruised. If your ribs are cracked or broken
How do you heal a bruise? Bruises can be quite embarrassing, especially if you're scheduled to wear a cocktail dress and just gave blood, leaving a bruise on your delicate inner arm
1 Apply ice to the bruise. Ice will help constrict the injured blood vessels, keeping the bruise from getting bigger. Use an ice-pack, a bag of ice, or a package of frozen vegetables
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Bruised ribs usually heal on their own, but it will take time. In most cases, a bruised rib will heal in no more than four weeks. This can vary depending on the ...
When a bruise won't heal, it could mean that the damage is extensive beneath the skin. Another reason for slow-healing bruises can be an iron deficiency (such ...
The time taken for a bruised bone to heal is from several days to a few weeks, depending on the location. A bone bruise is caused by a significant trauma to the ...
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