How Long Do You Leave New Fish in Plastic Bag in Aquarium?


Some pet stores provide specific instructions on the bag, as to how long you should leave your new fish in the plastic bag in the aquarium. Acclimating and introducing new fish to an aquarium varies by the species of the fish, and other factors.
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Fish "breathe" oxygen in the water by using their gills. The bubblers pump air which contains oxygen throught the tank, giving the water (and fish) more oxygen than what
Bubbling motors do you mean an air pump ? Air pumps can produce oxygen but they are really only a decorative piece in a fish tank they produce pretty bubbles . A Fish tank filter
Well like us humans they have air inside there bodies like us humans. So when you blow on water bubbles comes out cause we let out carbon dioxide so carbon dioxide is lighter than
All fish need oxygen of some sort. Air bubbles add oxygen when they break the surface, same concept as a fish filter. When water breaks the surface it oxygenates the water, while
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