What Purpose Is Fringe on Buckskin Jackets?


Buckskin Jackets are types of jackets that were made from deerskin garments originally worn by Native Americans. The purpose of fringe on buckskin jackets is to tolerate the garment to shed water off the jacket, and to dry faster. When the coat is rained on and it is soaking wet the fringes act as a series of wicks to disperse the water of the coat.
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This is a very very old thing. It was done since clothing was made of animal skin. So there is no known date of invention or inventor. The strips help shed water when it rains and
Fringes were put on buckskin jackets to allow the garment to dry faster
hmm, I am trying to recall what you can get in the usa for that stuff. I am thinking that if you tumble it in the dryer on 'cool' setting for awhile w/a dryer sheet it should be better
We filmed scenes in rain and in streams with Joe. I am here to tell you that leather is very heavy when it is wet. His pants and jacket would take two days to dry. Wet leather is
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