How to Clip a Budgie's Wings?


Be carefull, you can cut a blood-feather and cause injury or death. First extend the wings and look for blood feathers so you don't cut them. Next find the primary feathers on the bottom and outer portion of the wing. Use sharp scissors to cut the feathers. If one starts to bleed apply direct pressure or styptic powder.
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1. Have your assistant firmly but gently hold your budgie in one hand. She may have to protect her hand with a towel if your budgie is known to bite. Have your assistant gently stretch
For the bathing there are many options: showers with you, spray bottle, sinks and toy baths. For the clipping wings, alot of people don't like clipping because its "Not natural
you just clip the feathers on the wing but make sure you do not cut them to close to the wing or else you will hurt the bird
It's not something that you can really learn to do by instructions alone. You will want to have someone show you how to do it; either a vet or groomer, or other professional. If
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How to Clip a Budgie's Wings
Budgies are a popular choice for pet birds. Clipping their wings helps to protect your bird from hurting itself by flying around inside your home. It also protects your home from being damaged by your budgie. You should not clip your budgie's wings until... More »
Difficulty: Moderate
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