How do you password protect a Buffalo AirStation?


The Buffalo Airstation delivers a high-speed internet connection that is triple times quicker than Wireless-G. Buffalo Airstation is good for those who are sharing an internet connection. To password protect a Buffalo Airstation, follow the directions during setup since it comes with a Wi-Fi protected setup.
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The Buffalo AirStation is known as a company that provides wireless LAN equipment in the United States. They are owned by a company called Buffalo Technology.
1. Lift the Buffalo AirStation off its stand, if necessary, and look at the bottom of the router. 2. Push the sharpened tip of the pencil into the small circular hole on the base
Wireless Router settings: With a CAT5 cable hooked to the router; open a browser; in the address bar type 192.168.X.X (look in user manual for exact address for administration interface
connect your computer straight to your internet modem. If it works then connect the router after reset.... read the manual..if it does not work then return your router and get a new
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