Buffalo Bob Serial Killer?


Buffalo Bill was a fictional character in the movie 'Silence of The Lambs', who was a serial killer and was fashioned out of real life serial killers such as Ted Bundy, Gary Ridgeway and Ed Gein. He was also known as Buffalo Bob and had a mental disorder that led him to kill overweight women and make skin suits for himself out of their skin.
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Bob is an evil demon that comes from a place of eternal darkness and
In addition to be a murderous insane person, he clearly dealt with Gender Identity Disorder.
Buffalo Bill was a half human half buffalo from the year 1908. It is believed that he came from China, but there is a serious debate that he may have descended from Machu Picchu.
1991's The Silence of the Lamb's
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Buffalo Bill the serial killer is a fictional character. He is thought to have a variety of disorders, including PTSD and anxiety. The PTSD is a result of abuse ...
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