How do you build a simple catapult?


You can build a simple catapult in a number of ways. How large you want it to be will help you determine the one you want to use. You can make small ones using a plastic spoon and a few other items.
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1. Build a square frame by gluing the ends of four craft sticks together. Lay eight more craft sticks parallel to the sides across the open space and glue them to the frame. Alternatively
1 Lay out the left side. Lay out a 36" 2x4 with its wide side flat on the table or other sturdy surface. Place a 15" 2x4 so that its right edge is 15" from the end
First you should know the materials you are allowed to use. Most catapults that are built for school projects use a plastic spoon and a mouse trap. The catapult blueprints can be
Instructions to built a catapult: Step 1- Acquire materials you're going to need: 9 - 8',
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How to Build Catapults
A catapult is a machine used to hurl objects. Catapult is derived from the Greek "kata", which means downward, and "pultos", which is a small shield. The word katapultos is translated as "shield piercer." The catapult was invented in Syracus, Greece... More »
Difficulty: Moderately Easy
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