How do you build a lift for a drywall ceiling?


Building a drywall lift yourself is usually more work than it is worth. The simplest method is to build two T's out of 2X4's with the top of the T measuring four feet and the vertical portion at least the height of the ceiling. Have two people lift the sheet with the T's and a third person attach the drywall.
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1. Measure the height of your ceiling. Cut two 2-inch-by-4-inch lengths of dimensional lumber 2 inches longer than the ceiling height measurement with a table saw or circular saw.
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1. Cut up 2 pieces of 2x4s of 3 feet long. And 2 more pieces the same length as the height on the ceiling. Ad. 2. Install the sheetrock. Measure out the first piece that is going
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Building a Drywall Lift
Drywall lifts are special machines that lift drywall up to ceilings rafters and joists so it can be installed. The simplest machines use a hand crank or hydraulic system that raises the drywall sheet, which is attached to a bar frame. They can lift one... More »
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Hanging drywall on a slanted ceiling will require a rented lift. You can try to position it with a few helpers on ladders but it's tricky. More screws should also ...
To make a drywall lift, measure the distance of the floor to the ceiling joist. Cut a 2 x 4 the length of the ceiling and another 2 x 4 x 3. Form both on a T-shape ...
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