How to Build an Outdoor Cat House?


To build an outdoor cat house you will need a plan for the house, materials required which are not costly for example wood and decide a place where you are going to build the house. After ensuring that all the above things have been secured the process with the construction as per your plan. You can make your own plan or buy one.
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1. Create a plan for your cat house; you can also buy plans for a cat house if you don't want to make your own. Make sure you don't make it too roomy or your cat won't stay as warm
1 Get a box. This should be bigger than your cat. 2 Cut a door and two small windows. Make sure the door is big enough for your cat. 3 Paint or draw on the house to make it look like
The book "The Sauna" by Rob Roy has the plans I used to make the sauna at the. Bosque Village. We did not use cement for the cordwood. We used cob. As it dried we did have
Well it really matters if you like it outside or in. A house cat is very good from a scale 1-10 i would give it a 4. An outdoor cat would be as pleasent as well i would give it a
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