What Name Brand Has a Bulldog as It's Logo?


Ruehl No. 925 is a brand name that has a bulldog as its logo. The company produces apparel. It belongs to the same company that owns Abercrombie and Fitch Co.
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Mug Root Beer and Cream Soda have a bulldog with a coffee mug in it's paw.
The USMC logo is actually the Eagle, Globe, & Anchor. However, Marines are also
Ruehl No. 95. Their logo is a French bulldog and Aeropostale also have a dog on the guy polo shirt. Source(s) http://www.ruehl.com.
The Packers used it first. The Packers 'G' logo was invented by Dad Braisher specifically for the Packers in 1961. Georgia began using a similar looking logo in 1964. report this
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