Bump on Earlobe?


There are three possible things that a hard bump under the skin on the earlobe could be. It could be cancer, a cyst or a tumor. It is important that you see a doctor for this.
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If you have pierced earlobes the bump you are feeling is most likely a tear of
Omg I have that too!!! 0 0 Comment Why is there a bump in my earlobe? I'm 15, and I got my left ear pierced WITH A GUN -_- when I was like 8. Took it out a couple months later, and
Well, I wouldn’t be so worried about this if I was I your place because skin cancer very rarely can appear on this location. Skin cancer is causing almost opposite symptoms-
see a doctor 4 ear drops.
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Causes of an Earlobe Bump
Bumps on the earlobe are rarely serious and usually go away without any intervention. However, these bumps can be painful, especially for people who must use earplugs, headphones or other protective hearing equipment and other devices or coverings that... More »
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