How to Paint a Bunny Face for Halloween?


To pull a bunny face paint buy quality face paint. The colors should include white, pink, red and black. Use a sponge to apply the entire face in white. Use the other paints for the ears, nose tip and lips.
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1. Purchase good-quality face paint from a Halloween store or party store. Make sure the package includes the following colors, white, red, black and perhaps shades of pink. Use a
Easy paint most of your face white or grayish, except the tip of your nose, color that pink and put 3 dark lines coming out from it these will be the whiskers. Unfortunately humans
1. Gather makeup, face paint or markers for the prank. You can choose a variety of colors if desired. Be sure to use products that require light pressure to apply, as too much pressure
To start of the face paint combine the flour and cornstarch. Stir shortening into the mixture with a wooden spoon. Mixture will be thick. Add glycerin to make the substance creamy
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