How to Get Rid of a Burnt and Scorched Food Smell?


Once you have a burnt or scorched food smell in your house it can sometimes stay around for day. The best way to get rid of the burnt food smell is to open the windows and possibly light a few candles
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1. Clean up any remains of the scorched food, and get it out of the house promptly. The longer the burnt food is in the house, the longer it will be able to continue spreading the
1. Remove the burnt food entirely. Don't just chuck that burnt meatloaf into the garbage under the kitchen sink and forget about it - its smell will still continue to linger in the
There are several things that you can do to rid the house of burnt food odors. First, try opening several windows. The fresh air will soon flush out the burnt smells. If weather does
Light some incense or candles. You could also put baking
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To get rid of burnt food smell try opening a window on each side of room or home. Turning on a ceiling fan or any fan will help clear some of the smell out. ...
To get rid of burnt food smell from your house, try boiling 1/2 & 1/2 vinegar and water for a couple hours so that the vapours circulate around the house. ...
The first step in removing the odor of burned food is to open the windows; this lets air circulate. The fresh air comes in, helping the burnt smell fade away. ...
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