Burnt Orange Color?


Burnt orange is a medium-dark shade of orange. It was a popular design color in the 1970's and is worn by many popular universities, including Auburn, Virginia Tech, and the University of Texas at Austin.
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Burnt Orange on Walls. Add instant warmth to a room with a. burnt orange accent wall. Accentuate the orange color with crisp white wall trim. For a cozy feel, use it in a room with
its like orange but they call it "burnt" because it has a little bit of brown in it.
Burnt Orange is a darker redish brown
Colors effect every aspect of our lives, whether we realize it or not. Taking cues from the visual things around us, our minds create psychological associations for each color, eventually
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How to Make the Color Burnt Orange
Paint mixing can be a vexing process. Most of us learned the basic color wheel in primary school. However, it isn't as simple when mixing paint. You'll need more paint colors than you think to create burnt orange. Burnt orange is a darker orange with... More »
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