How do you use a Bushnell telescope Model 78 9512?


To use a Bushnell telescope 78-9512, place the tripod on its sides and adjust its legs to get a good view. Free the altitude lock knobs on the tripod mount and slide the optical tube into a rising bracket. Attach the finder scope to mount, find an astronomical target and adjust the telescope left to right and then insert the 20mm eyepiece into the Barlow, the telescope's focus. Bushnell Telescope Model 78 9512 is a telescope model that stopped selling at Retrevo.
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1. Lay the tripod on its side, and extend its legs to a comfortable viewing height. Tighten the locking screw on each leg, and stand the tripod upright. 2. Loosen the altitude lock
Bushnell has all of their manuals on this web site: Join a local astronomy club and the members will help you with your telescope.
Unfortunately, there is no record of a Bushnell model 78-6114. Please
Bushnell isn't know for high quality optics. Meade is good (well, they have good, and they have cheap) but overpriced (IMHO) If you want something that is reasonably priced and good
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