How to Knit a Butterfly Stitch?


Butterfly stitches are a common stitch given during an injury. This is the type of stitch to hold the wound closed. To get them removed, see your doctor.
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1. Begin with a skein of fine gauge yarn in any color. The fine texture will make it easier to create the butterfly stitch. 2. Chain 10, for rows 1, 2, and 3. You can chain more for
A Butterfly Stitch works over multiples of 10 plus 9 stitches in knitting to form a
The butterfly stitch is similar to crocheting. It involves repeatedly passing a loop from one string through the loop of the other string. You can see videos on how to do it here:
Taking strands of yarn over the front of a fabric makes butterfly stitches. These strands are lifted and worked together to form a shape that looks like a butterfly. There are actually
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