Buy Backstage Passes for a Concert?


There is no better way to take your concert experience to the next level than to buy a backstage pass to see your favorite musician face to face. There are many ways to obtain or buy a backstage pass for a concert. One way is to win a backstage pass through your favorite radio station. Another way is if you know someone connected to the band. The band has back stages passes they can hand out. News reporters have access to the backstage to talk with the entertainers one on one. The last way is to find someone selling them on eBay, Craigslist, or by subscribing to a backstage pass auction web page.
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There are many ways to get backstage passes to a concert, if you are lucky you can even call in to your local radio station and win them! You can also purchase them from the band's
1. Sign up for a membership at the Backstage Pass Direct website (See resources. Browse for upcoming concerts and buy a backstage pass for $149 through the site. 2. Purchase your
1 Most freelancers start out the same way: They cold call a media outlet to inform them of their status as a freelance photographer or writer. Next, the freelancer will pitch an offer
Know someone on the crew of the act you like.
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