How to celebrate "buy nothing day?


1. Visit. Adbusters' Buy Nothing Day web site.. There are several ways to participate (or, more appropriately, non-participate) in a Buy Nothing protest event near you. Check it out. Also, you can join the. Buy Nothing Day Forums. at the AdBusters
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1 Stay in touch with the world. Read the newspaper and keep up with world events. This can give you interesting fodder to bring up in conversations. It can also help you avoid questions
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Follow the DC Quorizens for starters. Christine Choi, Gary Teal, Julio Rodriguez etc. If you enjoy doing things by yourself, bike from Mt. Vernon to Georgetown. A nice 18-mile ride
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Buy Nothing Day is a day observed in the UK and on this day, people take a day off spending. It is observed on November 26th and was put in place to enlighten ...
The boy buys nothing at the bazaar in the James Joyce short story Araby from the book Dubliners. He arrives late as the bazaar is closing and is disenchanted that ...
National nothing day is one of my favorite holidays, which makes me sad to see people doing something other than nothing on National nothing day! Anyhow, it is ...
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