Buying a Car with No Title?


In order to buy a car with no title, you'll need to do your research beforehand. You will want to make sure the car has not been stolen. It is always a better idea to get a car with a title, just in case.
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1. Obtain the vehicle's VIN by physical inspection of the vehicle (the location varies by make and model, and it may even be located on the engine) Inspect the vehicle yourself -
You first need to make sure that there are no liens on the car and that you have a clear title. Then you go to the bottom of the title and enter the buyer's name and address, list
1 Write down the VIN number. It is always located on the dash at the right at the bottom of the windshield on the driver's side. Ad
Need to know how to buy a car with bad credit? Fortunately, some vendors are willing to work with those with less than stellar credit. While you will likely have to pay more for a
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If someone is trying to sell a car with no title, chances are it is probably stolen. If someone legitimately owns the car they either have the title or could get ...
You would not buy a car unless you were paying part of the purchase price directly to the owner of the lien or loan on the car. If you don't, you are not being ...
You can compare leasing versus buying a car mainly through its ownership. In buying a car, the ownership of the car is transferred to the person who buys the car ...
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