Buying Half a Cow?


One of the best frugal tips on saving on yearly grocery bills is to buy in bulk. The best way is by buying a half a cow from a butcher. The cost will vary from $400 to $600 but the meat will last you a year or more. It is necessary to own a deep freezer to keep all the meat. It will save you hundreds per year. Butchers will cut it for you with ground beef, sausage, steaks and a rump roast. To find a good butcher, search The Meat House for one locally.
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1. Decide the type of beef you want to purchase. Grass fed beef typically is purchased directly from a farmer. You can purchase grain fed beef from a butcher. 2. Locate butchers or
You can buy a cow from a local rancher. Some ranchers may have cows for sale. Or you might have to drive to another state to buy a cow. Check with your area county extension, to get
We are from Michigan. We bought half a butchered cow today, 1-9-09. It was $727.00. The guy who sold it to us said that's $2.20 per pound and then .40 more for what he was charged
The average cow has 568 pounds of meat on it, at current
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You may desire to buy beef in bulk if you plan on having a cheaper and continuous supply of beef or if you plan on having a party or event where the food is needed ...
A 130lb fore-quarter (the front half) will cost £1.79 per lb, and a 65lb half fore-quarter £1.89 per lb. As for a 140lb hind-quarter (the back half ...
To determine the breed of cow that you should buy, decide what purpose your cow will serve, find out the breed that survives best under certain climate and environment ...
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