Cabbage Patch Kids Worth?


Cabbage patch kids' worth would greatly depend on the condition of the doll. Dolls that are in box never being opened (mint condition), would be worth more than a doll that was played with daily, with some cosmetic signs of use. Certain dolls are worth more than others because they didn't make as many of them at the time they manufactured them. The cabbage patch kids dolls that were more common would not be worth nearly as much as a rare doll.
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It would depend on the condition of the doll and the year it was made. This is because if you had a doll that no longer had a head it would be worth way less than a doll in mint condition
It really depends on the doll and the condition of the doll. There are lots of factors involved in making this process, like hair, face, and the factory. The soft sculptures are usually
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Vintage Cabbage Patch Kids from the early 80s sell for as low as
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The value of your collectible Cabbage Patch Doll depends on which doll you have, how good of condition it is in, and if you have the box. You can generally search ...
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The Cabbage Patch Kids value is set according to what the buyer is willing to spend. It is truly a buyers market. If the doll's value is enough for the buyer, ...
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