How are cafés named?


Cafés are usually named by the company founder. According to, there are many ways to name a café, but adding clever puns to the title is always a good way to grab attention. One example of a clever café name is Brew'd Awakening Coffeehaus, the name of a café in Lowell, Mass.

There are times when owners can buy a franchise instead. A franchise is an agreement between two parties in which the franchisee is given rights to operate under a company's trademark. Owning a café through a franchise allows entrepreneurs to go into business with the help of the company's products and name, according to Cryos International.

For people who are starting a café without a franchise, inventing a creative name can be difficult. That's why owners from Fairhope, Ala., fostered a contest that allowed bookstore customers to name their café shop called Latte Da Coffee Shop.

Cafés are named in the same manner as any other company. notes that any company name has to be creative and catchy. The U.S. Small Business Administration recommends picturing an image of the company's name in logo form and on websites. Owners also must check with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to ensure that the chosen name is not taken by another company.

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Mc. Ziggyz.
There a coffee shop in Thailand named A cup of Love and so I suggest A Cup of Taste. However there is one name I always want to get for my own coffee shop is Black and White.
T'art Café & Gallery, Feelings, Coffee Messiah, or Apocalypse Now should all do as
Hi Emily!! The name of the restaurant you are referring to where the gang always hangs out and most of the scenes are shot at is called The Max. I hope this helped with your question
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