Cairo Egypt Zip Code?


There are hundreds of zip codes for Cairo, Egypt, according to their postal department's information. The zip code numbers for Cairo start with 11511 and end at 11668. According to the Egyptian postal department, the postal codes vary from one street to another. For further clarification of their system, the postal authorities say that within each zip code, the first number signifies the region, and the second number indicates the province. After that, the third number is the type of service, and the remaining numbers refer to the area of delivery or the local post office.
Q&A Related to "Cairo Egypt Zip Code?"
Of course Egypt has zipcodes. You can get any city zipcode from The link in the related links section. I think there's a mistake on the website because they but the phone numbers
It has multiple postal codes. check out here: Embed
72427. Thanks for asking!
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