Cake Decorating Ideas for 80th Birthday?


Cake decorating ideas for an 80th birthday include putting something funny on the cake such as the words "Over The Hill" or "Spring Chicken". For a sentimental 80th birthday, the cake can display something unique like a picture of the birthday person when they were a baby.
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If your forte isn't baking cakes, don't be afraid to ask a professional to do it for you, but don't let it stop you from coming up with decorating ideas for someone's 80th birthday. The cake could have their face printed on it with an 80 tastefully placed on the cake. If there is a certain hobby or special memory you know they enjoy you could try to incorporate it on the cake, for instance if they really like the beach you could make a cake with palm trees and brown sugar as sand.
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There are countless ways to decorate a birthday cake. Think of something the birthday boy or girl likes and use that as a theme. Depending on your talents, you can use piping tools
1. Purchase a cake pan shaped like the character you want to decorate. Bake the type of cake you want from scratch or a cake mix. Cool the cake for at least one hour after it bakes.
1 Start with a cake that the birthday girl or boy prefers. A simple white cake is as good as a two layer double chocolate one. It all gets covered up! Ad
There is quite a few suggestions on the Wilton cake decorating website for popular ideas to decorate a Christmas cake. The site also offers the tools you can order to achieve these
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