What Are Brilliant Names for Cake Shops?


When opening up a new cake shop, you will naturally want to come up with a catchy name that is so brilliant, no-one else would think of it. Some brilliant cake shop names are 'Piece of Cake', 'Sugar and Spice' or 'Sweet as Pie'. Another brilliant name for a cake shop is 'Cake Heaven'.
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Crazy cakes. or your name and then cake shop/ cakes! x.
1. Research before you shop. Spend time online looking at cake designs or visit local bakeries to get ideas of how you want your cake to look. Take pictures of cakes in windows and
1. Develop good baking skills. You absolutely need to know how to bake! If you don't, you won't to have any profits. Ad. 2. Buy a shop. You need money to purchase the shop and buy
How about Piece of Cake, For Cake's Sake, A Little Shop of Cakes, Cake Walk,
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Cake Shop Name Ideas
Opening your own cake shop is exciting and terrifying, and coming up with a good name for it is both those things, as well. A lot rides on your shop's name; you want to set your shop apart from others in the area, and entice customers to try your cakes.... More »
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