How do you create a cake slice box?


To make a cake slice box slice box, choose card stock that matches your event and then print a cake box template which you will cut out along the solid outer lines. Use the template as a guide and cut the card stock then mark the cut card stock to indicate where the folds will be made. Fold the card stock into a triangle-shaped box and use the guide marks you made and begin by selecting a triangle to be the bottom of the box. Create a slit in the tab then fold the card stock into a slice shape.
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1. Choose printed card stock and decorations that match the theme of your party. For example, card stock with baby footprints is suitable for a baby shower and card stock imprinted
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How to Make a Slice Cake Box
A slice cake box can serve as decoration or a centerpiece as well as a handy way for your guests to take home a slice of cake after a wedding reception or party. Making a slice cake box is relatively easy and inexpensive. You can use any color card stock... More »
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