Cake Walk Rules?


The rules for the type of cake walks often featured during school or church festivals are simple. If the event is being held inside, use duct tape or something similar to place 8 to 12 large paper numbers ni a circle on the floor. If the event is being held outside, use chalk and perform the same procedure. Once the numbers are secured, allow 6 to 8 players to begin walking around the circle while listening to music that is playing. When the music stops, each person freezes, a number is drawn from a bag by a festival official, and the person standing on that number wins a prize, usually a cake or some other baked goodie.
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Put numbers on the floor or carpet with masking tape, forming a circle.
1. Solicit cake donations from people associated with the event. While the game is called a cake walk, people can also donate pies, cookies, brownies or other baked goods. Keep in
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