Calamansi Juice?


To make Calamansi juice you should have the following ingredients: Calamansi, sugar, and water. Squeeze the Calamansi fruit to extract the juice and strain the seeds on a glass. Add sugar and water. Then stir.
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1. Wash the calamansi and drain. Ad. 2. Cut the upper portion taking care not to cut the seeds. Cut seeds contribute to astringent taste. 3. Manually squeeze or use fruit extractor.
* As a natural antiseptic, the juice of the lemon will destroy harmful bacteria found in the cuts and other areas of infection. * For toothache, apply fresh lemon juice on the painful
I had never heard of this so I looked it up in my computer & it says it is a type of citrus with an appearance of something like a lime. If this applies to your question then
Wash the calamansi fruits and slice in half. 2. Squeeze the sliced calamansi fruits unto a small saucer. 3. Remove the seeds from the juice, using a teaspoon (I prefer this way because
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Calamansi extract is juice from a fruit tree Calamondin. Calamansi extracts have a very distinct alkalinizing effect on the skin due to presence of alkaline properties ...
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