Calcium Deposit on Eyelid?


Although the majority of doctors have told patients who have calcium deposits on their eyelids not to worry about the condition, other doctors now say that these deposits could be connected with other health issues. Some doctors are now saying that calcium deposits on the eyelids may be an independent indicator of heart problems. These deposits may indicate a higher risk for a heart attack. They may indicate artery disease, even in people who don't have high cholesterol, which used to be considered a risky sign. This is a condition that needs to be monitored by a physician.
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In reply to minear on 2005-10-12 - click to read Hi I am a Beauty therapist,and this sounds to me like "MILIA " tiny hard white lumps which should not be squeezed.I remove
1. Increase your intake of Vitamin K and magnesium. You can get these vitamins and minerals through green peas, spinach, beans, seeds, fish, lettuce and carrots, among other vegetables
H2SO4 Sulfuric Acid will disolve Calcium.
Calcium deposits cause the hardening of bones & soft tissues and ap...
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