What are calcium deposits under the skin?


Calcium deposits under the skin are usually called calcinosis. This is most common in women. They look like small white or yellowish bumps underneath the skin.
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Calcium deposits in the skin appear as hard, white or yellowish lumps that may occur in clusters, varying in size and quantity, depending on the patient's condition. These lumps leak
Slimier to goosebumps but last forever (until treated) they should itch a little and have little white tips.
It could be something wrong with your Parathyroid hormone system. Because calcium is deposited into bone through with the hormones that it releases. I would talk to your doctor and
Calcium deposits are soft at first. The consistency is like
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What Are Calcium Deposits Under the Skin?
Calcium deposits under the skin, technically referred to as calcinosis or calcifications, is a condition of abnormal amounts and deposits of calcium phosphate in the soft tissues.... More »
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