Calcium Slogans?


Slogans are used in marketing to get a consumer to remember a certain brand or product. To come up with a slogan, you want to know all about your product. You need to sell the benefits of the product in just a few words. Calcium is essentially for bones and a healthy body. You have to think of a catchy way to tell someone why they need to have calcium. Slogans can rhyme or be a jingle. They need to be short, informative, and something the consumer cannot forget easily.
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it does a body good ! you know milk.
Calcium Slogan: Taking calcium is as good for you as pumping iron. Keeps a body in
The body's bricks and mortar
The cast of "Everybody Loves Raymond". The paragraph that followed "Share some calcium with the ones you love" read, "Want strong bones? Drinking enough lowfat
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A slogan is a motto or phrase that is used to promote a product. Slogans can be written or verbal and have a simple nature, leaving little room for detail. Usually ...
This question does not make sense. There is no definite slogan for calcium. Calcium is a chemical element which is a soft grey alkaline earth metal. Its chemical ...
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