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To calculate the square feet of an area, one must know the shape of the area. It is easiest to find the area of a square. Multiply the length by the width.
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1. Consider the size of your space. This will dictate the formula you will need to determine the area. For example, to find the area of rectangle and square spaces, you will need
In a rectangular figure, square feet a generated when you multiply the length of an area by its width. So if a rectangle is 3 feet long by 5 feet wide, the area is 3 x 5 = 15 square
1. Draw on paper a rough diagram of the room or rooms you will be painting. 2. Go to one of the walls you will be painting and use the tape measure to measure the length and height.
Ex: Length 1000 mm. Width 500 mm. Square feet=Length*Width)/90000 ( (1 Sqft=300*300)mm=90000mm) =1000*500) /90000. Answer = 5.55 sqft.
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The area of a square is the length of one side, squared.
If a square has sides measuring 4 inches each, the area of the square would be 16 square inches.
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