How do I calculate average total assets?


To calculate average total assets you must take the total number of assets at the beginning of a financial period and add it to the total number of assets at the end of the financial period. Then divide by two. The result is the average total assets.
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Decide the period of time for which average total assets is to be calculated. In general, a one-year period is common. Collect the financial statements of the company being analyzed
To calculate the average total assets for a year, add the beginning and
The total assets (balance) equal the sources of funding for resources; liabilities (external borrowings) and equity (owners' contributions and earnings from firm operations)
1 Find the amount of your net sales. This can be found on your income statement. To calculate the net sales figure, the following calculation is performed: Sales minus returns inwards
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How to Calculate Average Total Assets
Total assets is an accounting term that refers to the sum of all assets that a company has at a given point in time. Assets include cash, accounts receivable, inventory, investments, property, plant, equipment and intangible assets such as contracts and... More »
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