How do I calculate average total assets?


To calculate average total assets you must take the total number of assets at the beginning of a financial period and add it to the total number of assets at the end of the financial period. Then divide by two. The result is the average total assets.
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Decide the period of time for which average total assets is to be calculated. In general, a one-year period is common. Collect the financial statements of the company being analyzed
To calculate the average total assets for a year, add the beginning and
The total assets (balance) equal the sources of funding for resources; liabilities (external borrowings) and equity (owners' contributions and earnings from firm operations)
1. Find the amount of your net sales. This can be found on your income statement. To calculate the net sales figure, the following calculation is performed: Sales minus returns inwards
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How to Calculate Average Total Assets
Total assets is an accounting term that refers to the sum of all assets that a company has at a given point in time. Assets include cash, accounts receivable, inventory, investments, property, plant, equipment and intangible assets such as contracts and... More »
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