Calculate Fabric Yardage?


You calculate the yardage of fabric by measuring it. Each yard of fabric is equal to three feet of fabric. When you are trying to calculate how much fabric you need you should measure the the object you are going to cover and allow a few extra inches for seam allowance.
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1. Determine the pattern you will be using for your sewing project. Many patterns have several styles or views that can be made from the same pattern. Choose the style you want to
Width Measurement. Separately measure the width (in inches) of each wall you're planning to cover, unless you'll be working around an outside corner; in that case you'll use one fabric
If your working in yards, get your tape measure, run from back of piece-say easy chair, to front. take measurement. Measure width.Measure cushion,front, back ,sides. Underneath cushion
Calculating curtain yardage is important to understand if you are planning to engage in a do-it-yourself interior design project at home. More than just sewing, it is equally important
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How to Calculate Yardage for Fabric
Sewing your own clothes is a way to create a personalized wardrobe while often saving money over store-bought clothing. For the beginning seamstress, there are a lot of new things to learn. One important skill is calculating the yards of fabric needed... More »
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To create a toga, an adult needs four to six yards of material. This is typically found at a fabric store. The yardage is adjusted depending upon height. A traditional ...
In order to make an inexpensive canopy, measure the distance from floor to ceiling and from ceiling to end of bed to establish the amount of fabric yardage required ...
The proper amount of concrete yardage needed is calculated by using the following formula; ((length x width x depth)/27 cubic feet) x 1.05. The result is the correct ...
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