Calculate Interest Per Annum?


You can use the simple interest formula in order to calculate simple interest per annum. It includes values such as R, T, and the principal sum.
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1. Multiply the principal by the rate of interest. For example, using $8,500 as the amount of principal and .0325 as the rate of interest, the calculator will display 276.25. 2. Multiply
calculate 10% of number (2950.00 x 10% = 295.00) then divide it by 12.
Compound interest is just an extension of simple interest. For example, $100 at 5% interest for 1 year is $100 (1 + .05) = $105. However, if that rate is compounded every six months
Per annum means by the year; annually: a magazine subscription of 40
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How to Calculate Interest Rate Per Annum
Calculating the interest rate per annum isn't that difficult if you know three things: the principal amount; the interest rate; and the time period in years. Knowing the equation for figuring per-annum interest will help you know what the interest rate... More »
Difficulty: Moderately Easy
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