Calculate Number of Bricks Required?


To calculate the number of bricks required for a project, you first must calculate the square footage of the area you will be using the brick for. As different bricks come in different sizes you must choose the type of brick that you would like to use for the project. After you have chosen the style of brick, you multiply the length footage by 12 to get the total inches of the project. Divide the total square footage in length by the length of the brick that you have chosen. You will so do the same for the width. This will give you the total number of bricks to use for a project. If mortar is being used, you must account for the thickness of the mortar that you are going to apply. Standard application of mortar is 3/8'.
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1. Measure the length of the structure you are building with the tape measure. If you are building more than one wall you will need to measure the length of every wall you will be
To do this you would need to know the area of a brick and the area of the wall. Then you divide the area of the wall by the area of a brick. There are approximately 60 bricks per
measure the area of each of the faces of the three blocks. If you plan to use the blocks in equal proportions (which will give the best random effect) then take the average of the
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How to Calculate the Number of Bricks Required
If you have ever had to carry bricks any distance you know it is not for the weak of heart or back. Describing it as hard work is an understatement: it is miserable work. One key to this work is trying to limit the number of trips you need to make when... More »
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