How do I calculate the percentage difference between two numbers?


To calculate the percent difference between two numbers, consider x to represent the lower number and y to represent the higher number. Divide x by y and multiple this by 100. Then subtract this number from 100. This equation can be represented as 100 - (x/y * 100)
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Instructions. Subtract the two numbers from each other and place the value of the difference in the position of the numerator. For example, if you want to calculate the percent of
Call the numbers a & b, a being the larger. (a - b) x 100/a will give the difference as a percentage of a. EG: What is the percentage difference between 36 and 20? a = 36, b =
The formula below will also work where A1 and A2 contain the two dates. This gives decimal minutes as an answer. =24*60*MOD(ABS(A2-A1)1)
Formula for finding percentage change is: [x/y -
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