Calculate Percent Difference between Two Numbers?


To calculate the percent difference between two numbers, consider x to represent the lower number and y to represent the higher number. Divide x by y and multiple this by 100. Then subtract this number from 100. This equation can be represented as 100 - (x/y * 100)
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1. Count the number of times the researchers are in agreement. As an example, say you asked two psychics to determine the color of a randomly chosen playing card. 15 times, both psychics
Call the numbers a & b, a being the larger. (a - b) x 100/a will give the difference as a percentage of a. EG: What is the percentage difference between 36 and 20? a = 36, b =
its dependent on how you have your data, but assuming you have a date + time in 1 cell like; 12-10-10 14:10 it is quite easy: just choose 'Time' as the format of the cell, and it
Formula for finding percentage change is: [x/y -
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