Calculate Rate Per 1000?


To calculate the rate of something per thousand, write it as a formula so that the numbers you know equal the unknown number per thousand. For example, to find the cost per thousand units on something that makes $50,000 per 40,000 units, set up the equation as $50,000/40,000 = X/1,000. Use basic algebra methods to solve for X. The answer is that these items make $125 per 1000.
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1. Find the number of people admitted and the total number of visits. For example, assume 2,000 people came to a hospital for injuries and 500 were admitted. 2. Multiply the number
You need to take the number of things (whatever they are) that are within 1000 (whatever this is)
total admits/total days x 1000.
25-9= 16. 16/1000=1.6/100 or 1.6 percent.
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