How to Calculate the Room Capacity?


To calculate room capacity, use the formula room length x room depth - room length x stage depth. The answer to that equation is then divided by area per person. Determining room capacity is important in preparing for events.
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1. Obtain the square footage of the room you are considering. 2. Go to the following URL address: 3. Type the square footage
to calculate a room's capacity is very simple. this is basically trying to find the 'volume' of the room. just multiply the height, the width, and the length together :
1. Know the formula. Heat Capacity of a certain mass of an object can be calculated by dividing the amount of heat supplied to it by the corresponding rise in temperature. The unit
You need to expand your question. How big is the room? Capacity for what? People? Food? Or do you mean how long will it take to chill the room based on its volume?
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