Calculate Sales Growth?


To figure out sales growth, you need to know sales from this year and last year. You are going to divide that number (this year minus last year) by sales last year. That will give you sales growth results.
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1. Subtract the earliest date's sales in dollars from the most current sales figures to find the dollar amount of growth. For instance, company A sold $100 worth of goods in 1995
((current month's sales - last month's sales)/last month's sales)x100
1. Add together the net proceeds and dividends from your investment. This can be calculated over any period of time, so for example, if you want to calculate simple returns for the
1. Open a new spreadsheet (or "workbook" in Microsoftese) in Excel. 2. Type the following column titles in the worksheet: A1: FV B1: PV C1: N D1: M E1: AGR. 3. Type (or
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How to Calculate Sales Growth
Sales growth shows you how well a business improved over a given time. Calculating this rate reveals an increase or a decrease the in business activity of a given company. This number proves handy when trying to decide if you want to invest in a... More »
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