How do I calculate tolls for a trip?


To calculate the tolls for a trip a driver needs to know which toll road to take. Some toll roads have flat fees, while other charge higher rates for the longer the driver stays on the road. Research the particular toll road to find out fees.
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Things You'll Need. Map. Cash or EZ-Pass. Instructions. Plan your route. Aimlessly driving around or experimenting with different routes could ultimately cost you more than setting
I don't know the exact cost to the penny, but when I drove from Boston to DC it was about $25 each way in tolls.
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How to Calculate Tolls for a Trip
When setting out on your great American road trip or just looking for a little rest and relaxation on a long weekend, it is important to know how much cash you might have to dole out on tolls and road expenses. Planning for your trip and understanding... More »
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To calculate tolls for a trip, start by planning out your route. Then examine the number of tolls along the route and the costs for each. Then add these amounts together.
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