How to Calculate Hours Worked?


Calculate hours worked by taking the starting time and the ending time you worked. Then deduct for the lunch break if you do not get paid for that. The hours per day added up for the week will be your hours worked.
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1. Keep a log of your work hours. Pocket-sized spiral notebooks are ideal for this. Every day at work, record your arrival or start time and your departure time or end of the workday
40 hours per week times 52 weeks per year equals 2080 hours.
1. Write down all information of the problem you want to determine, include the time it took you to travel and the distance you went. You can calculate the miles per hour in different
1. Press the Y= key to bring up a screen to enter the equation(s) you are trying to graph. Type one equation for each Y= line. If you need to use variables, such as the letter X,
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How to Calculate Work Hours
It is important to not only keep track of your own work hours, but also to calculate the total yourself. Sometimes companies can make errors on the payrolls, and it is vital to have evidence if you would like to dispute errors. In addition, you can... More »
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