How do you calculate friction loss in a fire hose?


Friction loss can be calculated in a fire hose by using the mathematical formula as seen, using the formula to determine friction loss is Q squared x c x L=FL, Determine the amount of water being flowed per minute, Using a frictiton loss coefficient table, the appropriate coefficient, dd up the total length of the hose being used in hundreds of feet, Replace the variables with the appropiate values and then multiply those values.
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1. The formula to determine friction loss is Q squared x c x L=FL. Friction loss is measured in pounds per square inch (psi) The following is an example of some of the values needed
Friction loss is when the water inside the hose rubs against the inner lining and losses velocity as it reaches it destination. So when water is pumped through a hose it losses speed
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You can find friction losses in fire hoses from tables like those the first link below. It will be necessary to convert lps to gpm, and meters to feet. Your flow will not match the
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How to Calculate Friction Loss in a Fire Hose
Friction loss refers to the amount of energy that water loses as it travels through a hoseline, the couplings, and the nozzle. This loss of energy must be compensated for by the pump operator to ensure that the nozzles are being supplied with the correct... More »
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