Calculating Lumens?


Lumen is an efficient rating that is given to light bulbs to establish how much light they produce for each watt of energy they use. To calculate find the number for lumen output on the light bulb's box. Divide the light bulb's lumen output by the number of watts the bulb needs.
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1. Determine the lighting intensity level you need. According to the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA) most people prefer a level of 10- to 20-foot candles
Lumens are the amount of light produced by a bulb. Find the number for lumen output on the light bulb's box. Wattage is the amount of electricity needed to light the bulb. The higher
Da-Lite, the projector screen company has a great calculator here and even includes a brand and model reference.
Discover the wattage of the bulb either by looking on the box or at the actual bulb. Discover the number of lumens the bulb produces by looking on the box. This may be written as
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One reason you might need to calculate lumens is to determine how many you need in a given space your home. A lumen measures light, telling you how much light ...
If you want to know how lumens are measured, it is a measure of intensity of light. The concept is how to calculate it. You can calculate the lumens at the point ...
1. Type the number of lumens that your compact fluorescent light bulb is capable of emitting into your calculator. 2. Press the multiplication key. 3. Type in ...
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